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Chats et chatons Sibériens Hypoallergiques de la Chatterie Martin Siberians
The list of necessary items to get for the well-being of your new kitten.
Below is the list of items we use at Chatterie Martin Siberians and which kittens are accustomed to.
The litter box

Ideally a tray without lid on the top since the cat scrapes the litter to bury his needs and in doing so, raises the dust. With a lid, the cat is subject to more dust in his lungs while this model allows him to breathe better.
Also, note that this model is very large since the kitten will grow and the male in particular can become quite large, It must feel comfortable.

I wash the litter thoroughly every week with a cleaner and a disinfectant. At this moment, I put a new litter back in the bin.

This model is beige and huge, made by Moderna.
We have 7 of them and cats love it.
The transport cage:

Medium size since your kitten will grow, it must be clean before each use.

It is necessary to pick up your new kitten at the Cattery and mandatory!
No kitten will leave in a cardboard box.

You will need it for your visits to the vet. Easy to get in pet store.
The water fountain:

We use these fountain models in Cattery. Easy use and weekly maintenance. Our cats love these fountains.

You can however use a simple bowl of water and change the water daily.
Easy to get in pet store. The fountain is much more than a simple gadget for pet lovers: it offers several advantages over a simple bowl of water.

Filtration: The filter of the device eliminates excess magnesium and calcium found in your water. It also eliminates bacteria, hair, dust and anything that could make the water disgusting.

Freshness: The circulation system keeps the water fresh and oxygenated at all times. Many felines hate stagnant water, hence their interest to drink at the tap!

Stimulation: The fountain produces visual and auditory stimulation that attracts your companion and may encourage him to drink more.

Better Kidney Health: By encouraging the cat to drink more, it takes care of the kidneys and allows them to eliminate waste more easily.

Storage Capacity: As it receives more water than a simple bowl, you will not need to fill it as often! It is therefore practical during short holidays, so that your companion does not miss anything.

Easy to find in any pet store.
Trash can:

I like to use this trash to throw litter droppings everyday. It is located right next to the litter box. It blocks bad smells and prevents me from having to wear everything outside the house..
Litter bag:

Kittens tend to eat litter beans, so it is important in the early days to offer only absorbent and unscented litter.

When they are older, the bag of clumping litter will be even better since the urine is easier to clear with a clumping litter.

Always choose unscented litters.

I finally allow myself to remember that some plants may be toxic to your new pet ... so it is important to do some research to validate if the plants you have could be harmful and in the uncertainty it would be ideal to get rid of it ... same thing for some foods, among others, grapes and other pips or nuts, nuts, garlic and onions, potatoes, cabbages, turnips, mushrooms, avocados, coffees and teas, chocolates, meats and raw fish, cheese and milk are toxic to cats ... giving the leftovers of his meal or some pieces of the dinner that we are preparing can seriously damage their health or even cause death. Alcohol, tobacco and marijuana could also poison the animal and cause his death !!!
Kittens or cats can sometimes have diarrhea due to various factors such as a move, a new member in the family, intense stress, a change of food, intestinal worms, etc. etc.

A visit to the veterinarian should be the first step in validating that the kitten is healthy and well hydrated. Diarrhea should not be trivialized and should be taken seriously and the source of the problem should be addressed to prevent it from continuing or degenerating. I buy, on the advice of my vet and when necessary, a product that I personally find very good: Advanced GI

Talk to your vet ...
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