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 Kitten Application

We want our babies to get the best of homes. This is for our records only and your information will not be shared with anyone else.
Each kitten will come with the following:
-Registered with a Cat Association
-Age appropriate basic vaccination and first deworming
-Food sample (if not traveling by air)
-Kitten Toy and a baby blanket that they have used to help the transition (so it has the scent of Mom and sibling's)
-Sales agreement & Health Guarantee
-Results from testing
-Life time support !
What's included with your Martin Siberians Kitten
Please send us an email at info@martinsiberians.com with the answers to the following questions.
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How many adult in your family ?

Regarding people aged 18 and over in the family, what work do you do? If you are a retiree, what industry are you retired from? If you are a student, what field are you studying

How many childrens in your family and how old they are?

Does anyone have cat allergies and what are their symptoms?
Does anyone have dogs, rabbits or horses allergies ?

Do you accept our terms and conditions?

A kitten with what level of allergens Fel D1 do you want to adopt (price list appear on the first page on our website) ?

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